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    WaterClear Delta 8 Distillate

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Delta-8 cannabinoid Carts

With the surging popularity of Delta-8, more and more product is appearing on the market. You can find D8 in various products, which include distillate, flower, and vape cartridges. How you get the effects and benefits of D8 depends on your personal preference. One of our most popular products is our cartridges made with our Water Clear Delta-8 ™.

Carts Made With Water Clear Delta-8™

We offer premium Delta-8 Distillate Vape Cartridges made with our trademarked Water Clear Delta-8™. We provide various cartridges for your vape pen in flavors, including Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, and Pineapple Express. You can count on these carts to be one of the best Delta-8 cartridges on the market that are both potent and fantastic in flavor.

As with any new type of cart, we suggest you puff on it slowly and increase as you use the product more. We recommend this so you can begin to feel the initial calming effects and inhale more as you feel needed.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8, D8, is a cannabinoid that is a natural chemical found in the cannabis plant. Two of the most common aspects of cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabinoid, and cannabidiol, CBD. D8 will still get you high for those who are curious, just like D9, but without the psychoactive properties. Delta-8 is said to provide the same therapeutic benefits as Delta-9 but without the unwanted side effects. 

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9

The difference between the D8 and D9 products is becoming increasingly apparent as they display each users’ differences in their experience. You can see a few differences between the pair below.

  • Delta-8 is less psychoactive than its cousin, Delta-9, and produces some of the same potential benefits with use without the side effects that D9 can have.
  • Delta-9 cannabinoid is illegal in the United States, while Delta-8 is federally legal as long as it’s under the regulated 0.3% cannabinoid. 

Potential Benefits of Delta-8 cannabinoid Cartridges

In a report published in MedGen, researchers claimed antiemetic, anxiolytic analgesic, and neuroprotective properties. In other words, D8 has the potential benefits for anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and other pain relief benefits. For those individuals who use Delta-8, a few of the most acclaimed benefits are that D8:

  • It stimulates the appetite
  • It helps ease pain and inflammation
  • It rids of nausea in cancer patients
  • It relieves anxiety

Due to its rising popularity, we expect more positive information to use Delta-8 use for therapeutic reasons. For more information about the potential benefits of using a D8 cannabinoid Cart, please contact us using our email at sales@trulycbdsupply.com. 

High-Quality Delta-8 Carts From Truly CBD

When we created Truly CBD, our mission was immediately apparent: we want to supply high-quality, pure CBD products in the ever-growing Cannabinoid market. Our products, including our D8 cannabinoid Carts, are verified CBD premium organic CBD oil products. We follow all regulations, including the Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP. 

We have retail consumers, retailers, distributors, and more continue to work with us at Truly CBD because they can count on our top-notch CBD products every time. Try one of our D8 cannabinoid carts and see exactly why our customers keep coming back for more.

Shop Truly CBD Products

Here at Truly CBD, we are in the market to make America green again. Our Delta-8 cannabinoid cartridges one product amongst many other of our high-quality offerings. We know how quickly delta-8 is growing, which means many companies may rush to provide you with this product; however, we produce nothing less than untouchable delta-8 distillate quality here at Truly CBD.

Are you not looking for Delta-8 cartridges? If you’re interested in CBD or CBG, we also carry these products, which you can find on our website on their respective pages. You can reach out via our contact page, get in touch with us by phone at (970) 749-5598, or via email at sales@trulycbdsupply.com. Our team here at Truly CBD looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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